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Upcoming in 2023: Anthroposynthesis – Landscapes of the Human Error

The Anthropocene is an increasingly prevalent framework for debate in science as well as in a cultural and political zeitgeist.

Humankind, like nature, destined to exist in chaos and harmony, has managed to become the most influential species on the planet, causing massive changes in the environment and its organisms, the atmosphere, and significant global warming. As a result, it has deviated from the realms of its natural habitat. Similar to technologies, environmental law and policy have played an enormous role in the emergence of the Anthropocene, but can also play a significant part in paving ways to achieve a functional Earth system.

These insights result in a performative work in which the five actors illuminate the aspects of a new earth-historical epoch. Human development plays a significant role in the subject matter of the work - its origin, the process of becoming, the potential associated with it, but also the recurring behavioral patterns of the human species. Through an ethical and artistic reassessment of nature and materials, existing power structures and the values they represent are confronted. With the goal of finding a renewing critical theory, an atmosphere and staging is created that balances both chaos and harmony in embodiment.

The aesthetic exploration of intimate and shared sensory experiences emerges from the dissolution of narrative and the juxtaposition, contrast and comparison of interconnected ideas. A complex meta-level of social groups' responsibility for the future emerges, with the goal of revisiting the connections between humans and nature and moving from distance, via entity, to harmony.

The Project will start in 2023 and is supposed to be premiered in 2023.

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